March 15, 2022




As you have no doubt heard before, ‘it’s lonely at the top’, even the ‘best of the best’ business leaders and athletes have trusted individuals supporting them to improve specific elements of their game; career planning, leadership, strategic thinking, business issues, etc.

How you respond to situations and communicate with others is the ultimate test of your credibility and ability to engage as a leader and build the best team possible.

Having worked at multiple levels within an organization, from store rep to VP to President, Tom has the skills to empathize with personnel at the various stages of personal experience and development.

Understanding the importance of balancing a drive-for-results style, with a collaborative, respect for others persona, is what enabled Tom to reach the executive, and ultimately, the general management levels within organizations during his career.

Whether it’s a group of new hires, middle managers, or senior executives, Tom possesses the experience to support, develop and nurture existing and future leaders on their path to senior roles.

Have a look at the personal recommendations made by individuals that have worked with or have been clients of Tom over the years, or better yet, contact us to set up a brief meeting to discuss your specific needs.